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Jai Gibbs, Marcina + Josh

"Thank you for a great summer! Jai really enjoyed camp learning about chess, art and now his love for soccer 😃.

You all were so great and wonderful.

Thank you again"



Cynthia Bentacur

Ideal for children. Different things every day. Diversity in the group. I love the mix of play time, art and chess. Communication with parents is efficient and well executed.


Highly recommended.


Josmir del Fierro

My kids had an amazing 2 weeks during summer camp 🤩 they loved it and really had a great time ❤️ we would love to continue during the regular school year as an aftercare activity.


Jai Gibbs, Marcina + Josh

"Thank you for a great summer! Jai really enjoyed camp learning about chess, art and now his love for soccer 😃.

You all were so great and wonderful.

Thank you again"


Manuel y Gonzalo Ayala

I can't say enough good things about our experience at Chessart. I came to Leda and Julian after a sad experience in other summer camp where my two 7 and 5 -not so easy boys- couldn't fit well and here we found open arms, caring, firm, not judgmental but loving people. 
Dirty hands and shirts ending in memorable art gifts, great approach to chess (couldn't believe my little one staying still and focused for more than an hour in the learning strategies of the game), lots of fun and the best of all... happy faces! Really looking forward to next summer! THANK YOU!

Agustin Regatky

Dear Leda, Julian, Federica, Antonia and Florencia
Thank you so much for the fun, relaxing and inspiring environment you have created at " The Ridges ChessArt Summer Camp".During these past four weeks, my son has learned to play Chess and he's been playing non-stop ever since -he loves to share all the different strategies Julian has taught him!- He's also been able to express his creativity in the beautiful and unique art projects which are now decorating the walls of our home!! And of course he has enjoyed the outdoor sports and "Water Days" Looking forward to another fun summer filled with friends sports, Chess and Art!  Marcela

Johana Daugherty

Hi Leda and julian:

This email is to let you know that the ChessArt camp has been a complete success for our family. Johanna loved it!!!   She is extremely excited to go to camp every morning. You guys have put together two great themes that is 100% in alignment with what my daughter likes the most (playing games with other kids and art.)Thank you for the great job that you and your family did during this summer. I'm looking forward to see you next summer again.

Best regards,




Xander & Natalia Custer

Thank you Leda, Julian and family for such an amazing summer experience! Xander (4) and Natalia (6) have blown me away with all the things they have learned and all the friends they have made in only a few weeks. Natalia loves the chess and her focus has become astounding. She killed me the last game we played and has learned that her professional training with coach Julian leads to success,not my advice. She also can't get enough of the art and is always creating up until the very last minute of camp. Xander now understands and is interested in chess and says he likes it. I'm amazed at how much he Has grasped. His focus is growing with chess and art and his masterpieces Ms. Leda has helped them create are phenomenal. His confidence has grown tremendously and he has quickly become friendly with the welcoming environment you have made. Both my kids have loved everyday and come home smiling from ear to ear, with paint from head to toe and lots of great new skills to boast about. This is a one of a kind camp that allows children to express and exercise their minds unlike anywhere else. Thank you for sharing this with our kids! 


Mayra Custer

Luz Oliva
Summer camp - Private classes at the studio

Luz has been taking art and chess classes throughout the last 3 years. She did the summer camp and private art classes during the year as well as chess lessons at Educando America. She loves every experience she'd has and already wants to be an artist!

Thank you so much!

Mercedes Moresco, (mom) 

Summer camp - Montessori Institute after-school


Benja did the last summer camp with chessart , and he had the best time! Thank you guys for the great time and qualitie time you shared with him!

Florencia Lopez Diez 


Video recorded by Naiara Gomez, Who had two girls at the Montessori Institute after-school program.

Thanks Naiara for this beautiful memory!



Private classes at the studio
-I have been taking this class for about two years, and still to this day I always leave with a smile on my face. Art class is so much fun because I get to interact with my friends, and we always make different things each week. Leda allows us to have fun with every project, while still learning new techniques and skills. Art class is the best part of my week.


Somerset Miramar, after school program
Ms. Leda, Taylor is allowed to express herself through art. I also find that it gives her confidence in her work. Taylor is pleased to show me her creativity as we post all of her work on what we call the art walls. I am also extremely pleased with all the exposure of various medians. I find that it also relaxes her and she comes home more relaxed. Overall it is said to taps additional areas of the brain... that is important. Thank you for the work you do with the children....keep art alive


Private classes at the studio

​"My daughter Martina is 8 years old, and she's been taking classes with Leda for two years now.
Leda has teached her how to express her self trough the art and she has found a way to transform everything into art".




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